We would like to say a huge thank you to our amazing audience at The Coach House this last Friday, your energy was off the charts! We so appreciate all of the love! So much coming up, please check our EVENTS PAGE and come on out and join us at our upcoming shows! We can't wait! And check out this great review while you're here, thank you, John from Whittier! 

Apr 16, 8:09AM John  •  Whittier, CA 

I am an avid fan of most music. I go to concerts as often as possible. I go to hear bands in "Hole in the wall" bars and I have been to most concert venues in Southern California. When I first heard of a Ronstadt Revival Band, I thought, hey that could be fun. I looked for a venue and the Coach House (30+ miles away) was the soonest date, so, I bought my tickets, and waited for Friday, 04/15/22. We walked in, ate a very well-priced and tasty meal. I listened to the Warm-up band and took note that with more practice I would go see them again. 

I rarely take the time to give my opinion on a band. I have been playing Guitar and singing for oh, let's say about 40 years. I know what I like, I know what sounds good, and have often offered advice to some musicians based on what I hear, and we all know music is a very personal experience, we all hear something different. 

When The Ronstadt Revival band came out the first thing I noted waws how they were dressed. The Slide guitar/Steel guitar player looked like he was going to play some classical pieces. The other guitar player seemed to be dressed somewhat casual. The Drummer looked like many others. The keyboard player was cool, just like he should look. Afterall, the keyboardist is usually the wild one in a band. They are there to jam and get to be a major part of the scene without any break. The Female Guitarist/Violinist/Vocals looked pretty 70's but, from a purely male point of view, was very Hot. Then came out the Linda revivalist. A body to die for, and confidence. She exuded confidence and a very happy personality. 

From the very first note, the very first word sung, they were perfect. The advantage of being in my 60's is that I can remember the original version of Linda. There is no song from Ronstadt that I dislike. In fact, I really love all of the music. I was hoping no one would come in and ruin that feeling. This band did not disappoint. The voices and harmonies were on point, pitch perfect, and very true to the music. The leads were almost exact from what I remember, and the back-up voices were 100% authentic to each song. 

The star, reminded me of a very seasoned Linda. She sparkled. Her voice was the exact smooth voice required by some of the softer tunes, and the perfect amount of Rough for the songs that needed it. I am a fan for life. We will never get another chance to see Linda Ronstadt play and sing again. For accuracy and realism, this band reminded me of Beatlemania when I saw them. I felt like I was at a Beatle concert and it was that good. Ronstadt Revival is just like being there. I do not believe anyone else has the talent and voices to pull off the perfect tone and vibe of the original artist. 

They were vibrant, lively. They made me want to sit at every concert and listen to them over and over again. The entire audience seemed to be entranced by their personal view of the music. As a musician I know how hard it is to get up on stage with a number of people and have the perfect night. This band played together as if they have been playing 20 years together. The audience felt it. No one was looking at their phones. FOr me, it was one of my favorite concerts. There are various levels of bands. The garage band next door, the small bar 2 man band, the do a decent venue for $800 for a couple hours band. Most bands peter out at the large venue, play for two hours and do a couple of originals with some cover music to fill. The people who play in those places are usually good, you go, listen, eat, drink, ignore the music and all is good. Ronstadt Revival is the next level band. They are the "Fill the Greek Theater" type of Band. They are the difference between playing in the Hangar at the OC Fair or Playing at the Amphitheater. The bands that play at the Hangar are great, they have major talent, and it is the perfect venue for a few hundred fans. Ronstadt Revival is for the masses. They are the type of band that travels the world, sings at major music festivals, entrances the young musicians to want to be like them, to make music, to relieve the listener of their daily stress and just live for each beat of the song. 

I woke up this morning singing Linda Ronstadt songs I had not even thought of for a few decades. I am now a devoted fan of theirs. I can see clearly certain parts where the slide guitar, or the back-up vocals were perfect and exactly on point (all of the songs) but no one usually can do that to me. So many words, so much opinion from me, I am sorry, but this band has everything a musician hopes for, and everything a concert goes lives for. Thank you.

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