Linda Looks!

Hey everyone, it’s Shannon and I thought I would share a fun story. When Ronstadt Revival started out, I searched far and wide for outfits similar to those that Linda wore, but nothing thrilled me. Then I remembered that my neighbor’s mother, Mila, is a seamstress! Mila and her husband live in Russia half of the time so I had to get busy! I asked her if I bought a pattern, could she tweak it so it would be just like Linda’s, to which she replied, “I will make my own pattern!”. Wow, was I excited when she made this classic white top! And then my mind got going as her talent is endless. So then she made the vest, and now she is working on this beautiful periwinkle top that has so much detail! What a blessing! I’ll keep you updated on the progress! And hmm...what can I have her make next?? 
I hope that you are all staying safe and healthy! Looking forward to getting back to the music!  


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